Outer space themed bedroom decorating ideas

Ideas and tips for decorating a child’s room with a passion for astronomy.
Children grow up very quickly. For some of them they will develop a passion for space and astronomy. The images of the solar system and galaxies that they will discover on the net will fascinate them even more.

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It’s undoubtedly around this time of their lives that they will ask you, maybe even beg you, to furnish them with a space-themed bedroom. It is at this precise moment that you will say to yourself: What an insurmountable task !!!

Do not panic. After a brief moment of reflection, you will probably think that the idea is worth trying. In this guide, we offer you some space decoration articles that will allow you to set up a complete space theme decoration.

First of all, to stay in the spirit of the space theme, no need to insist that the rules must be strict regarding the patterns that may be present: space, stars, planets, spaceships and any other motif of the same style. Even if at the beginning we may think that we would be limited in the choice of items to obtain to fully decorate a space room, we offer you a non-exhaustive list of items that we consider essential for a space decoration that respect himself.

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Space themed decor for walls

The accessories that will make an impact in addition to a space decor room:

  • fluorescent stars and planets at night glued to the ceiling
  • LEDs, spots, sticky light strips or neon lights ideally placed to highlight this or that part of the room or the decoration
  • toys and licensed products (or not) of major films, cartoons, comics, cinema posters. Or simply real illustrations or reproductions of the human space conquest
  • bed linen (duvet cover, sheets, pillowcase, …) and pajamas
  • chandelier or wall applications
  • homemade stickers or designs
  • soft toys and soft toys
  • rugs and carpets
  • a space for games and activities (coloring, books, magazines, comics, books, …) always on the same theme
  • a small (or large) telescope
  • costumes and other cosmonaut adornments

Space wall decorations

If you are good at painting, try drawing the shapes of certain planets and comets on the walls and at the same time enjoy moments of joy with your children by doing some wall painting. In order to avoid mistakes and smears that you might regret, we recommend, for example, to cut the patterns out of paper beforehand. Then just hang the design on the wall and paint the inside.
But if you still lack this skill, fear not. You will find a variety of planetary and starry wall decals that can be easily pasted onto your walls.

Indeed, what would a spatial decoration be without patterns glued to the walls? You can choose between space stickers or glow-in-the-dark models that, as the name suggests, glow in the dark. These will create a magical atmosphere after dark and you will see the patterns light up in the dark. So it’s up to you to make your own star arrangements. If you know a few constellations, you might be able to reproduce them by sticking the stickers on the wall in the shape of your favorite constellations.

Imagine gluing some of the most famous constellations in the sky to the ceiling of your room. Wouldn’t that be quite an achievement.


You might be surprised to learn it, but there’s no shortage of space decor items. For example, one of our must-have space decorative items is undoubtedly the Moon lamp. On its own, it provides such a lunar and realistic vibe, it looks like the Moon is sitting on the bedside table.

Moon Lamp

Light, refined and realistic, the Moon lamp is perfect as a bedside lamp in a bedroom decorated on the theme of space. You can also adjust the brightness with the touch of a finger. With a simple touch of your finger, choose between a white moonlight light and a warmer yellow light that evokes moonrises.

For small children who still fear the dark, the moon lamp can easily be used as a night light. Indeed, you can adjust its brightness and therefore use it as a night light by softening the brightness. It can therefore remain on all night without disturbing sleep.

Rocket lamp, Space Shuttle Lamp

What would a space and astronomy themed bedroom be without spaceships? This is why we take this opportunity to present the space shuttle lamp, rocket lamp and other space themed lamp.

These two lamps are sensational in their appearance. One is a reproduction of the US space program shuttles and the other is a reproduction of the Saturn V rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built.

Night Light

In addition to providing smoothing lighting, night lights are now fully a decorative accessory.
Especially when it comes to our galaxy night lights. These night lights provide soft lighting and project spatial patterns on the walls. Once lit, the night light will project a myriad of stars and planets that will comfort children who sometimes have trouble falling asleep in the dark.

Wallpapers and Posters

We also suggest canvases to decorate the walls. Put in a frame, the posters will wonderfully decorate the children’s room. It’s up to you to use your creativity and arrange the colors and sizes of the paintings to create a final rendering that will catch the eye.
For a more vintage look, the more historical posters will undoubtedly please you.


Let’s leave the walls a bit to get closer to the ground. I won’t teach you anything if I tell you that the main function of a bedroom, besides the desire for privacy, is sleep. This is why a space decoration is often composed of a bed set, throw pillows and cover with the patterns of the space themes.
Ideal accessory to decorate a sofa or a bed, the cushion cover allows you to add an additional decorative accessory to your decor and thus enrich it.

Space Themed Bedroom for Girls


Floor decorations

For the floor, we can also think of the comfortable Moon rug, rug with the pattern of the planet Earth and other rugs and carpets to put your foot in comfort.

They are both great items for decorating the floor while keeping the space theme. Indeed, the floor is often the big one left behind when it comes to interior decoration.

Fortunately our rugs are there to brighten up the floor a little. Made of a soft material, these rugs are comfortable while also being very beautiful to look at, so perfect for adding an extra touch to the floor that otherwise would have remained empty.

In addition round rugs in the shape of planets, there are many more large format rugs in a rectangular shape.

These rugs are offered in different models. Their size makes their floor mats perfect for hanging out in a playroom, for example. This will allow children to sit down and play comfortably.


Of course, you shouldn’t forget to decorate the windows. As a decorative tip on the subject, choose a color that matches the main colors already present in the bedroom.

The curtains are decorated with patterns of planets, stars and rockets, and this on the fabric.

There you have it, we hope you enjoyed this article and that you found relevant advice in choosing decorative items on the theme of astronomy, but also on tips and tricks on how to use them. more efficiently.

You now have all the advice to make any type of space decoration. For more idea of ​​themes. Now it’s up to you to set up all this and create a real spatial atmosphere in your home.