Creative Night Lights that Help Kids Sleep Easier

Our team has decided that we should do everything in our powers to become one of the most creative places on the Internet to find entertaining content for the whole family. Our mission is to show everyone the beauty of the universe, through our various and fun project. You have already seen our hilarious memes that combine the beauty of space with cats. At the moment, we have developed a new and exciting project that both kids and parents will love.

The night lights we have designed are a creative way to engage your kids in an activity they will love. In addition to this, your kids are going to enjoy night lights that they will want to show off to all of their friends. However, the biggest benefit of these space-themed night lights is that they will help your autistic kid sleep easier and more comfortably.

How Night Lights for Kids Help Sleeping Problems

There are many children that face sleep problems, especially those that are on the autism spectrum. In fact, between 40% and 80% of these children have one sleep-related issue. Namely, kids have difficulty falling asleep at night and they don’t show consistent sleeping routines. Moreover, they are restless all night, which results in poor sleep quality and loss of energy during the day. In some cases, you can even find kids that are waking frequently or waking up too early.

All of these sleeping problems are hard on both the kids and the parents as none of them is able to have a normal sleeping routine. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can result in many undesirable behaviors. Indicatively, it can be related to aggression, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, irritability, poor learning performance, and even signs of depression. However, night lamps for kids can have a soothing effect on the kids and help them fall asleep. The unique night lights, that we have designed with extra care, aim to become your kids’ best friend. And the best part about them is that you will have your kids be a part of the creative process.

Our New Night Lights Project

We have already brought to you numerous projects that have become your kids’ favorites, since they excite their imagination. Our coloring pages for kids have the themes of space, planets, rockets, and cats, which are some of the most popular themes among kids and toddlers. Right now, though, our creative projects have expanded to the sphere of 3D printing and the unique LED night lights for kids. Of course, all of our original projects continue to be space-themed, which makes the night lights even more fascinating.

At the moment, the designs that you can find on our website is a rocket night light for kids and a planet night lamp for kids. Both of them are easy to construct, by following the step-by-step instructions, even letting your kids take an active part in the process. Our team made sure to use the latest technologies that are available to everyone. For this reason, you can easily build these night lights using 3D printing and some other simple tools. You will not need to know any welding, drilling, or even CNC router machining. Let’s see in more detail what these two new and exciting projects are all about.

Rocket Lamp – The Best Night Lights for Kids

We have been wanting to let you design your own night light for quite some time and we were looking for way to bring this project to life. Space is such a vast theme and the possibilities are endless. However, we decided to kick off this project with a design that will definitely fascinate both you and your kids. The rocket lamp is one of the most impressive night lights you will come across, with a beautiful design and unique LED night lights.

The main objective of this project is that it should be ideal for kids. Moreover, the project is affordable for any family as it doesn’t require any specialized equipment, rather than the 3D printer. Our team wanted the assembling process to be simple so that even a kid could easily complete it. This way, the activity of constructing night lights should be fun for the kids. Rocket night lights are amazing for children of all ages and super quick to construct.

Another great benefit of these unique night lamps is that they are battery operating, working with a simple switch, meaning that your kid can carry it anywhere. Many autistic kids are utterly fascinated with switches, making this project an ideal one for them. Once they discover this DIY night light for kids, they are going to love it and bring it with them to help them sleep at night.

Rocket Night Lights – What You Will Need

These night lights projects were specifically designed to fit the needs of every family. For this reason, the project doesn’t require any specialized equipment or skill. Yet, it is not an ordinary project that can be completed only with everyday objects. You still need a 3D printer, a piece of essential equipment that not every home has. However, you can easily ask your kids’ school to print the parts you need. The printing process will take around 7 hours, while the rest of the assembly takes around 15 minutes. The other things you will need are seven grommets, eleven LEDs, a can from a beer, and the 3D printing designs from the Cats On A Mission website.

Rocket Night Lights – The Assembling Process

The night lights are only completed after the assembling process, which is very entertaining and educational for the kids. They will find out first hand how to put together an electrical circuit that works and have a night lamp for kids after just a few steps. However, before you can assemble the rocket, you have to print the templates that you can find on our website for free.

The 3D printing will be done in around 7 hours. During this time, you can get the grommets and the LED lights, and prepare the aluminum wires from the can. The cutting of the foil is a quite dangerous process and for this reason, you should prepare it yourself and not your kid. The rest of the steps are completely safe and you can have peace of mind. Once everything is ready, it is time to have fun.

First of all, you should mount the aluminum wires that you cut from the can of beer. Then, the process calls for the mounting of the LED lights and of the two batteries that are required for the night lights. If everything is placed correctly, at this point, you can test the lighting. If it works, you can complete the rocket by placing the switch. With this process, you can get unique night lamps for kids in amazing designs.

Planet DIY Night Light for your Kids

However, we didn’t just stay on the rocket lamp as we wanted to bring you more options. We believe that night lights can really help autistic kids sleep, and for this reason, we have also designed a planet lamp. This particular project is different from the rocket night light as it doesn’t work with batteries, but you can plug it in on any electrical socket. For this project, our team has made the creative process for building night lights even easier than before. The result continues to be spaced-themed, which is our fascination.
Once you are done with some rocket night lights, you can move on to the planet lamp. Both of these projects have educational value as they show your kids how they can create amazing things by themselves.

Planet Night Lights – The Materials You Will Need

Just like the rocket lamp, you won’t need any specialized equipment or skill for the planet night lights. In fact, this project is simple that you don’t need any scientific knowledge to complete it. The only specialized equipment you will need is a 3D printer, which is essential for the project. If you don’t own one, you can ask the kids’ school or a printing shop to print the templates. The designs are available on our website completely for free. The other things that you will need include 3 grommets, an LED lamp for 3W, and an LED light bulb socket adapter.

Planet Night Lights – How to Build It

To complete this amazing project, you will simply need to 3D print all of the essential parts for the construction of the planet. Once you have them printed out, you can assemble Saturn, making sure that you place the LED light bulb on the planet. Making night lights has never been easier! Since autistic kids seem to have a fascination with switches, you can get an LED light bulb socket adapter with a built-in switch.

We are sure that your kids are going to love our new and exciting projects. These night lights for kids will help autistic kids gain a normal sleeping routine as they have a soothing effect on them.