Our site is still very young. But we have already done many projects for children. We made DIY night light Rocket for kids, we made Space coloring pages. Now it's time to start a BLOG - Kids science blog! What will be posted here? Here will be Science news articles for kids, also will be news about space. There will be Tutorials on how to conduct scientific experiments. There will be collections of the best science blogs for kids.We have a lot of ideas. The main thing is that there is enough time to implement / write / draw all this. Indeed, there are only 24 hours in a day ...

If you have interesting science/space articles - send it to us. We will try to publish them (you can contact us through our Facebook page).

We launch!

Blog Posts:

  1. Outer space themed bedroom decorating ideas

    Ideas and tips for decorating a child’s room with a passion for astronomy. Children grow up very quickly. For some of them they will develop a passion for space and astronomy. The images of the solar system and galaxies that they will discover on the net will fascinate them even more. Interior image source It’s […]

  2. Best Kids Night Lights – REVIEW 2021

    Whether it scares away the monsters or reassures babies, the night light is often a priority purchase for young parents, concerned about the well-being and serenity of their children. Childcare brands all offer models that are compact, nomadic or offer more or less features. Often offered to babies, the night light is also of interest […]

  3. What is an led light?

    LED light can come in different forms for the user. But all of them has same idea. All this light use LEDs. So what is LED? The LED is “Light Emitting Diode”, it is also called LED (Electroluminescent Diode). LED has a relatively recent history compared to other lighting sources: it began to develop in […]

  4. Top-10 facts about the Sun for kids

    The sun is a yellow dwarf-type star. It is therefore a huge ball of gas in which nuclear fusion occurs. The sun has a diameter of about 1,400,000 km. It is 110 times bigger than the Earth. It represents 99.86% of the solar system, or 330,000 times that of Earth. Contents What is the Sun? […]

  5. Creative Night Lights that Help Kids Sleep Easier

    Our team has decided that we should do everything in our powers to become one of the most creative places on the Internet to find entertaining content for the whole family. Our mission is to show everyone the beauty of the universe, through our various and fun project. You have already seen our hilarious memes […]

  6. Planet Night Light for kids – DIY led night light 3d printed project

    Space themed night lights is our wheelhouse. So we designed one more – Planet Night Light plug in. This gadget is simple as hell. We don’t need to have LEDs, don’t need to cut foil… We just need LED Light Bulb Converter Socket Holder and LED lamp for 3W. The rest you can easily print […]

  7. TOP-10 Science blogs for kids! Here we go!

    Great news! Popular site has included us in its ranking of science and student blogs for kids! It is very pleasant for us to be in the same company with well-known sites about science for children. Now we have to write even more news about science and space. To be honest, we’ve relaxed a […]

  8. How we made rocket night light

    Full instructable how to make Night Light for kids is at homepage – here… Ok. We started new DIY project – We will make Night light for kids. We will use 3D printing and publicly available technologies. So no welding, no drilling, no CNC router machining. This project can be used in science lessons or […]

  9. Tidy up time! Clean up orbital debris for $102 million

    Space debris in orbit is a growing problem. Every time we launch something into space, near-earth space is replenished with space debris. Most of the rocket usually burns up when it enters the atmosphere. But something remains. And this “something” continues to circle around the earth at great speed. Among these items are booster blocks […]