Best Kids Night Lights – REVIEW 2021

Whether it scares away the monsters or reassures babies, the night light is often a priority purchase for young parents, concerned about the well-being and serenity of their children. Childcare brands all offer models that are compact, nomadic or offer more or less features.

Often offered to babies, the night light is also of interest to older children, around 2 years old. It is in fact often at this time that they show more fear to engage in the night. But a night light is also useful for parents, to avoid obstacles when baby calls during the night.

How to choose your baby night light?

You will find dozens of models of nightlights in childcare stores. Problem: How do you choose the night light that’s right for you? Answer in a few determining criteria:

Choose between a nomadic or fixed night light

Often equipped with LEDs, the fixed night light plugs into a wall outlet. It is therefore impossible to move it to slip it into the bed next to baby or take him to the toilet, for example. On the other hand, nomadic night lights are equipped with either batteries or batteries. The former have a long battery life, but will occasionally require the purchase of batteries (or a charger). The seconds are therefore a priori more practical, provided you do not forget to place them on their bases every morning so that they are recharged. You will find a selection of nomadic night lights here.

Choose a simple or musical night light

The first offers a practical auxiliary light to reassure baby, in short, just the bare minimum. To help baby fall asleep, playing lullabies can be a great asset. A simple button often allows you to restart music on demand. Most musical night lights have a timer. You will find a selection of musical night lights here.

Choose between a carousel or projector night light

Both systems make it possible to display fixed or animated images or patterns on a wall or ceiling to gradually accompany baby to sleep. Popular with children, these options often drive up the costs even though they have their advantages. You will find star projection night lights here.

See if the night light has an alarm clock

As its name suggests, the wake-up indicator night light helps children navigate through time, distinguishing between when they still need to sleep and when they can get up. Depending on the age of your child, a system of light illustrations, a digital or hand time display is available. Enough to regain a few precious hours of sleep, especially on weekends! You will find wake-up indicator night lights here.

Prefer night lights that are easy to handle

If you want your child to use their nightlight independently, choose models that offer child-friendly cuffs or an ergonomic grip system. Shape can also play a role in your kid’s ability to easily adopt whatever style you’ve chosen for them.

Ask yourself about your real needs

To choose your baby night light without making a mistake, first ask yourself about your real needs: will a nomadic night light really be useful? Why ? Does your child need a lullaby diffuser or do you already have music boxes or musical stuffed animals? Does your child fall asleep easily? If not, can a carousel or image projector help? After taking stock, check out the models that suit you.

Selection of the best baby night lights

Which baby night light to buy? Nomadic or fixed, musical or projection, you will find below a selection of baby night lights. Do not hesitate to share your own favorites in the comments!