About us

We started out as a space lovers blog. We drew space themed pictures, made space coloring pages for children. But after a while we realized that we like to do real things. We did some experimental projects with night lights.


  • Cats on a mission” is registered Trademark. 27 of Jule 2021. Link to USPTO Info here.
    So we are owners of the brand “Cats on a mission”, WOW!
  • Submitted patents for two night lights. First one is almost done!
  • We made own manufacture. Yes, we have all needed equipment starting from making mold for plastic injection to electronica assembling. We do not make our product in China like most startups do.
  • We made first batch and started to sell in on Amazon. You can buy it now! Thats really awesome! BUY NOW AT AMAZON
  • Our Instagram account almost reached 1k followers for 2 month. You can follow us too! Link.
  • Added more space themed coloring pages for kids. Hope you like it.
  • So, we moving on! If you want support us – please Subscribe us!

    Stay tuned,
    Cats on a mission team.