About us

Who we are and what we do? We are cat lovers who love science. We can launch a graphic editor and draw a cat. We can design and launch a rocket. We can do nothing all day. And we can look for a bug in the program for a week without getting up from a chair. We can wait a week for the delayed launch of Elon Musk’s rocket. We can google pictures of the starry sky. We can turn on the lathe machine and make the part we need. We can pet the cat. We can sit down and write this text that few people read. Because people like pictures more. We can install Linux. We can read the child a bedtime story. We are different. But we have a mission. We are “Cats on a mission“. And our mission is to bring space closer. Our mission is to figure out how everything works and explain to others.

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We hope it will be an exciting journey into the world of space, science and technology. And the cats are with us as always!