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Space Rocket night light for kids  – space rocket lamp for kids LED  by Cats on a mission Rocket lamp - Space night light for kids  DARK – LED light for kids by Cats on a mission

Rocket wall Lamp - LED night light for kids by Cats on a mission

New design of space themed bedside lamp for the bedroom. We designed this Rocket lamp - night light for ourselves. Then we tested it on our friends. Their kids loved this night light. Do you like it?

It's a good bedtime accessory for all space lovers of any ages.



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We are Night light startup!

We started out as a space lovers blog. We drew space themed pictures, made space coloring pages for children. But after a while we realized that we like to do real things. We did some experimental projects with night lights.

We liked the recent project so much that we decided to launch it into production. We already have a working prototype of the rocket night light. We like this Rocket Ship Lamp. Then we submitted Patent application, for space themed bedside lamp, Wow!

We are now manufactured the first batch. We are a small but proud startup. We do not order production in China, as most do. There we buy only a small part of the components, no more. We manufacture the rest ourselves!

Features of space rocket night light (Rocket wall lamp):

1. Touch control + dimmer

2. LEDs in all important parts of the rocket for better lighting

3. External AC / DC power supply

4. This is a wall lamp - it can be attached with screws or with a sticker.

Check out all features on PRODUCT PAGE.

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FAQ about night lights and Lamps for kids room

We love our supporters and customers. We make promo gifts and discounts. We need your opinion/customer experience! We answer any questions via social networks. Talk to us!

What is ideal space themed bedside lamp?

Ideal space themed bedside lamp is lamp made by us. We have three kids in our family (btw a dog also) - what kids likes. We spent thousands of hours getting kids to sleep. We know what it all about.

Are you Night Light experts?

Now we can say - YES. As a parents of three kids we tested many of night lights and finally made our own night light. We know what is good what is not. We made this Rocket lamp for ourselves. So it is the best quality

Can I have discount if I buy Night Light?

Sure! We love our customers and give good discounts for our fans. Just contact us in Instagram or Facebook to get your personal discount

It is equipped with batteries?

No! You don't need batteries, chargers or something else. It is device packed with own AC/DC adapter. All you need is just stick it to the wall and plug into the socket.

Space coloring pages:

Space night lights and cats photo gallery

Cats on a mission” team is an association of artists with a physics education and physics taking their first steps in drawing and arts… It was a starting point. We wrote this text 2 years ago. Now we real start up with own manufacture. We designed Rocket lamp – Unique Space themed Night light. Currently we focused on new products. It will appear here soon!

Ok, what unites us except the science – we all love cats. These are really unique creatures. That’s why we called ourselves “Cats on a mission”. We have a lot of ideas. We experiment all the time. Now we are trying to draw popular science memes: cats and austrophysics, cats and the Mars mission and even just animated cats. We like what we do.

We have a lot of interesting things planned. We are going to draw children’s coloring pages on the theme of cats and space, wallpapers for phones and desktops. We also have an interesting rocket building project. Yes, we make a real rocket. You can read about all this on our website and download pictures.

Most of our projects appear primarily on social media. First of all – Twitter and Instagram. We don’t have enough time to properly work on the Facebook page, for now. Therefore, subscribe to us on Twitter and Instagram and follow new projects.

We hope it will be an exciting journey into the world of space, science and technology. And the cats are with us as always!

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