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We are Space cats. Our mission is to show you the beauty of Universe. Most fascinating things about space, rockets, and cats you can find here.

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Cats on a mission” team is an association of artists with a physics education and physics taking their first steps in drawing and arts. What unites us except the science – we all love cats. These are really unique creatures. That’s why we called ourselves “Cats on a mission”. We have a lot of ideas. We experiment all the time. Now we are trying to draw popular science memes: cats and austrophysics, cats and the Mars mission and even just animated cats. We like what we do.

We have a lot of interesting things planned. We are going to draw children’s coloring pages on the theme of cats and space, wallpapers for phones and desktops. We also have an interesting rocket building project. Yes, we make a real rocket. You can read about all this on our website and download pictures.

Most of our projects appear primarily on social media. First of all – Twitter and Instagram. We don’t have enough time to properly work on the Facebook page, for now. Therefore, subscribe to us on Twitter and Instagram and follow new projects.

We hope it will be an exciting journey into the world of space, science and technology. And the cats are with us as always!